• 01.General Objective

    Develop your skills.

    Naturally internalize the skills necessary for a congruent, consistent and enthusiastic leadership: clarity of purpose, self-awareness, assertiveness, confidence, etc.

  • 02.Aimed at:

    People who want to be leaders.

    Those wishing to develop personally, particularly in their ability to be a positive influence in their particular, social and / or professional environment.

  • 03.Benefits

    Knowledge and improvement.

    Assimilation of natural leadership, better attitude and skills, understanding of nonverbal language, acceptance and understanding of roles, greater incorporation of synergy and ownership group.


In Terra de Cavalls we believe in the rebelliousness of open minds that meet and counter challenges in order to make some dreams come true – dreams that others think impossible.

We make available to our clients 14 horses and they are the main allies for this type of dynamics, along with a team of professionals with more than 15 years’ experience in the sector of training, psychotherapy, personal, executive and business coaching, activities of outdoor training and team building.

Activities are guided and strengthened by the facilitators, who through talks and valuations of results, translate this experience into an appropriate learning process of great personal worth.

Natural Leadership

Leadership: capacity to influence others from a specific quality, focused on the common good.

Natural: authentic, free of manipulation and masks. What is essential, spontaneous and of quality.

At Terra de Cavalls we provide the process that leads towards the “change of mentality” necessary for meeting individual and global challenges.

Innovative training

Terra de Cavalls is not an equestrian centre. The activities are undertaken on a private estate surrounded by nature in a safe and pleasant setting.

We provide innovative, active and enjoyable training that has a big impact on improving Natural Leadership.

The concept of Leadership, linked to activities with horses, is no longer a mere technical concept, but becomes “conscious actions” with clear intentions.

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